15894918_10154020996927714_7796004654184158138_nWhy is sustainable living important? It might seem obvious, but very few people worry about this on a day to day basis. They might despair at the state of things, but never really know how to make some real change, so who can blame them for putting it to the back of their mind. Unfortunately, a sustainable lifestyle has never been more applicable to our lives today, with mainstream media trying to convince us we need the next new thing to be happy and our current system making real change seem difficult and inaccessible.

“Sustainable Sophie” is a blog about living a life that does less damage to the planet. That doesn’t mean that you need to give up everything you love right this moment and live a life wishing, but always denying yourself. Instead, “Sustainable Sophie” will introduce you to a new way of living, that is enjoyable, healthy and positive for the planet and your well-being. Guiding you through little changes you can make that work for you. It’s a journey of self improvement, and the longer you travel on it, the more excited you will be about continuing your journey.

Though I am vegan and all my recipes are vegan, I want my readers to know this blog is for anyone who would like to make positive changes and reduce their impact on the planet.

I hope you enjoy!